Getting Ready for your open house

It is a Tuesday afternoon, and your REALTOR has informed you they plan to do an open house on the up coming weekend. You are now excited with the idea that you will now have more exposure for your home. Oh, my goodness you are now going to half to get your home ready and make sure it is looking the best it can.

Staging Your Home

McDonald & Partners usually offer complimentary staging service when listing. Staging will help create a welcoming environment and appealing atmosphere for potential buyers. The stager will work with your furniture, creating a good flow. They will also suggest placement, and full of ideas creating the best look for your home.

Preparing the Exterior of Your Home

Preparing the exterior of your home is usually simple/ In the summer grass should be cut and trimmed and any stains left from pets covered up. Trim shrubs and trees and remove any debris from the lawn. During the winter months snow should be cleared, and ice removed.

How to prepare the interior of your home.

Make sure things are clean! The dishes done and put away, and the dishrag too. How about the toothbrushes and all those fancy bottles of soap and shampoo. Laundry is out of sight; closets are easy to open and close without an avalanche falling onto the open house guests. The air must be fresh free of the spicy cooking or evidence of the family pet.

Security During Open House

In Calgary people are generally particularly good, but there are bad people that do try to take advantage of others. We recommend removing cash from open sight as well as credit cards, personal ID, jewelry, and other valuables. It is also good practice to even remove personal photos. Now with Covid19 we try to limit one family group at a time for viewings. We as REALTORs will watch over your home the best we can and open houses are overwhelmingly safe.

Creating space throughout your home

One of the best things you can do is create the feeling off space in your home. Mirrors will help, placement of furniture or even removal of furniture. Please remove any clutter. Can not find storage? How about sacrificing the garage for now, and return any excess furniture and supplies after the open house.

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