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It is important to have a Calgary real estate agent proficient in this diverse housing market. Calgary Alberta has a unique market in the Canadian real estate scene. Much of the time the Calgary market is booming, but occasionally the market will turn. As a home seller or home buyer a trusted real estate agent is required to guide you through potentially ever increasingly complex real estate transactions. Stephen McDonald is a top renowned Calgary real estate agent. We will look further in this article as to what qualities make up one of the best real estate agents in Calgary.

A top producing real estate agent shaking hands after a deal  with a small house and set of keys on the desk.

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A Top Real Estate Agent

Stephen McDonald has been a top real estate agent since 2008 in Calgary. These years of experience he is specializing primarily in residential with a full understanding of the Calgary and area real estate market, from a multitude of transactions resulting in many happy clients. This is backed by a full understanding of market trends, zoning requirements, proper market evaluations, and assessments, that an experienced real estate agent can give to their clients.

What sets Stephen McDonald apart is his commitment to his clients, rather than just closing deals, it is about having a lasting relationship with his buyers and sellers. Starting with a consultation, to the closing of the deal and afterwards, clients can expect personalized consultation, transparency, and open communication. Stephen McDonald likes to take the time to discover the requirements and expectations of each client so the process will be a satisfying and great experience for everyone.

Calgary Peace Bridge clossing the Bow River with Calgary's downtown skyline in the background

Calgary is a competitive marketplace; effective real estate marketing can make all the difference when selling your home. Stephen McDonald uses high quality marketing, the latest technologies, and techniques to showcase real estate listings. This includes professional photography, 3d tours, targeted, marketing, and social media. This plus other marketing that is unique depending on your property will give full exposure to attracting buyers. Stephen McDonald is tech savvy and stays ahead of the curve. Also offering tools and apps for clients to see what is happening in the market in real time.

Negotiation is critical when it comes to real estate, it can result in large sums of money being gained or lost. It can also make the difference between a deal coming together or not. An experienced real estate agent like Stephen McDonald has ideas and experience to make things happen favorably for both buyers and sellers. At the end of the day a good REALTOR® will work in the interests of their clients.

The Calgary area real estate market is dynamic and constantly changing. Interest rate, economy, migration, and other factors are all influences. Stephen McDonald is proficient and has worked in various markets, from booms to busts, and has foresight and experience to position his clients to achieve their goals in real estate.

Real Estate agent with clients consiting of parents, teenage daughter, and boy. All standing in an updated house, by the front door

Questions to ask your real estate agent:

  • How many years have you been a real estate agent?
  • Are you experienced in selling type of real estate? (Detached house, Semi Detached, Condominium, Apartment, Row House, Acreage)
  • How familiar are you with this city, town, or community?
  • How will the real estate agent communicate with you, and how often?
  • Is this REALTOR® skilled or successful in negotiating?
  • How much are the REALTOR® fees.
  • Are there any additional costs?
  • What contracts will the real estate agent be using, and can they explain them?
  • Will I receive feedback from viewings of my property?
  • How will you market my property?
  • Do you have contacts for lenders, trades people, lawyers or other services?
  • What happens if my property is not sold?
  • Can I cancel the contract with the REALTOR®? If yes how?
  • How much does it cost to cancel a contract?
  • How will I know my interests will be looked after during the time of our listing agreement?